Direct Oxygen-Oxygen Cleavage through Optimizing Interatomic Distances in Dual Single-atom Electrocatalysts for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction

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Angewandte Chemie - International Edition


The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) on transition single-atom catalysts (SACs) is sustainable in energy-conversion devices. However, the atomically controllable fabrication of single-atom sites and the sluggish kinetics of ORR have remained challenging. Here, we accelerate the kinetics of acid ORR through a direct O−O cleavage pathway through using a bi-functional ligand-assisted strategy to pre-control the distance of hetero-metal atoms. Concretely, the as-synthesized Fe−Zn diatomic pairs on carbon substrates exhibited an outstanding ORR performance with the ultrahigh half-wave potential of 0.86 V vs. RHE in acid electrolyte. Experimental evidence and density functional theory calculations confirmed that the Fe−Zn diatomic pairs with a specific distance range of around 3 Å, which is the key to their ultrahigh activity, average the interaction between hetero-diatomic active sites and oxygen molecules. This work offers new insight into atomically controllable SACs synthesis and addresses the limitations of the ORR dissociative mechanism.

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