Nonlinear inelastic analysis of eccentrically loaded square high-strength concrete short columns incorporating steel equal-angles

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Engineering Structures


Steel-Equal Angle (SEA) has recently been utilized as longitudinal reinforcement in high-strength concrete columns to improve their strength and ductility. However, investigations have been very limited on the responses of eccentrically loaded SEA Reinforced Concrete (SEARC) columns. This paper presents the development of a computer simulation model based on fiber element discretization for determining the structural behavior of eccentrically loaded SEARC short columns. The inelastic buckling of SEA sections and the concrete confinement induced by SEA sections are explicitly taken into account. The modeling procedures are given for axial load moment-interaction curves and moment-curvature curves of SEARC columns. The accuracy of the developed fiber model is verified against the available test data. The performance of eccentrically loaded SEARC columns incorporating various design parameters is extensively investigated. It is shown that the developed computer simulation model captures well the experimentally measured responses of short SEARC columns and can be utilized in the analysis and design of such columns in practice. It has been found that the behavior of SERAC columns under eccentric loads is significantly influenced by the longitudinal steel ratio, the compressive strength of concrete, and the axial load level. The width of SEA sections and tie spacing considerably influence the ductility of the columns.

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