Neural network model based on global and local features for multi-view mammogram classification

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Mammography is an important screening criterion for breast cancer, one of the major diseases causing numerous deaths among female patients. Meanwhile, manual diagnosis of mammography is a time-consuming and labor-consuming job. Mammogram classification based on deep learning plays a vital role in computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems to mitigate the pressure on physicians. This paper proposes a learning-based multi-view mammogram classification model that captures long-distance dependence and extracts features of multiple receptive fields. Our model considers global and local features of mammography images using Transformer for global features and the proposed multiplex convolutions module for local features. We evaluate our proposed method on a dataset of mammography images obtained from a hospital in China. The proposed method achieves 90.57% accuracy and 94.86% AUC in benign or malignant classification tasks and outperforms other advanced methods for mammogram classification. It is worth noting that the proposed method only requires image-level labels and acts on the whole raw mammogram, which has clinical significance.

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