A cryptoanalysis of elliptic curve cryptography based on phase truncation in the domain of hybrid gyrator Hartley transform

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Optical and Quantum Electronics


The purpose of this paper is to propose an asymmetric double-image encryption scheme based on phase masks computed by elliptic curve cryptography. A hybrid gyrator Hartley transform augmented with an elliptic curve phase mask is used in this scheme to enhance security. Two new public decryption keys are created by encrypting the plain text with two-stage phase keys. A public key is generated during an encryption process, whereas a private key is generated before the encryption process begins. In addition to introducing nonlinearity, it enhances the security of the system. As part of the encryption operation, plain text keys are unscrambled. The system is also more resistant to selective plaintext attacks, and the decryption keys are more sensitive. Trimming the phase expands the room for the key the confidentiality of cryptography systems. An estimation of the error between the image input and the image retrieved is used to determine the effectiveness of the cryptosystem. Various potential attacks can be mitigated by the proposed technique that provides innumerable security keys. The effectiveness and security of the proposed technique are verified by numerical simulations. In order to validate and evaluate the proposed solution's viability, strength, experimental results and security analysis are presented.

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