Rationally incorporated SnO2/SnS2 nanoparticles on sulfur-doped graphene aerogels for high-performance lithium/sodium-ion batteries

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Journal of Energy Storage


Tin-based anode materials, such as tin oxide and tin sulfide, have received increased attention due to their high theoretical capacity, natural abundance, and adequate operating voltage. But the large volume variation and sluggish reaction kinetics lead to severe structural deterioration and capacity fading during the charge-discharge process, hindering their practical application. Herein, we synthesized a unique ternary hybrid structure to grow SnS2 nanosheets and SnO2 particles on graphene aerogels by hydrothermal method (denoted as SnO2/SnS2/SGA). The SnO2/SnS2/SGA exhibited better cycling stability than SnS2/GA and SnO2/GA. The tight adhesion of SnO2/SnS2 helps to alleviate the undesired electrode materials destruction due to volume expansion. Furthermore, SnO2 and SnS2 quantum dots anchored on graphene aerogels can undergo reversible conversion reaction that profit by synergistic effect. The reversibility of the SnO2/SnS2/SGA material during the transition was also proved by ex-situ high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. The SnO2/SnS2/SGA hybrid was endowed with enhanced electrochemical capability.

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