Exploring the importance of intentional learning goals on work-integrated learning placement

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International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning


This study examines initial teacher education (ITE) student’s utilisation of intentional learning goals from critical reflection as they enter and participate in a work-integrated learning (WIL) placement at a regional Australian university. Fourteen ITE students were interviewed on two occasions during a three-week placement in a rural or remote area to elicit greater understanding of the use of critical reflection in practice. Thematic analysis of student responses led to findings on the usefulness of devising learning goals for practice and how the application of critical reflection can be encouraged. These findings emphasise how students grapple with connecting university assignments and activities as meaningful for practice. It also highlights the benefits to professional learning when learning goals are employed. The findings of this study suggest the need for a shared understanding of the importance of critical reflection by workplace educators, WIL supervisors and ITE students.

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