Fabrication of Al Matrix Composites Reinforced with TiC and GNPs by Spark Plasma Sintering at Different Temperatures

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6th International Conference on ThermoMechanical Processing, TMP 2022 - Proceedings


Al matrix composites reinforced with TiC nanoparticles and graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) were fabricated by powder metallurgy (ball milling followed by spark plasma sintering at different temperatures ranging from 475 to 550 °C). The effects of sintering temperature on the microstructures, Vickers hardness and wear resistance of the composites were analyzed. The results show that with the increase of sintering temperature, the densification of the composite is increased and the interfacial bonding between the reinforcements and the matrix is improved. In addition, Vickers hardness and wear resistance are improved significantly as the sintering temperature increases. The highest Vickers hardness and lowest specific wear rate are obtained in the composite sintered at 550 °C among all the samples, which are 145.2 HV and 0.0114 mm3/Nm, respectively. This study provides a theoretical reference for the determination of the optimal SPS process for the fabrication TiC-GNPs reinforced AMCs with excellent mechanical and tribological properties.

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