Assessing Green Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Quality: Sustainable Development Needs Renewable Energy Technology

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The survival of humans depends on both natural and manufactured surroundings. Though most people spend their time indoors, there are constantly new challenges to address, and air pollution is one of them. This research considered both outdoor and indoor factors that affected green development agendas. Outdoor factors include fossil fuel combustion, renewable energy supplies, and carbon emissions, whereas indoor factors include industrial waste management, chemical use in production, and green technologies. Against the backdrop of the Indian economy, plagued by severe environmental problems from 1995Q1 to 2020Q4, this research evaluated green alternatives for indoor and outdoor environments. Carbon emissions rise with the use of chemicals in production, with the burning of fossil fuels, and with economic expansion, as shown by the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) testing method employed. In contrast, emissions fall when a nation invests in renewable energy technologies and appropriately manages its industrial waste. Granger causality estimations validated the feedback link between industrial chemical usage and carbon emissions while demonstrating a unidirectional causality from chemical use to green energy demand and fossil fuel combustions. Moreover, burning fossil fuels and energy demand causes carbon emissions. Carbon emissions and fossil fuel combustion are produced due to industrial waste handling. The scale of the use of chemicals is expected to have the greatest impact on carbon emissions over the next few decades, followed by industrial waste, renewable energy supply, fossil fuel combustion, and renewable energy technologies. In order to achieve environmental sustainability via emissions reduction, this study proposed policies for a low-carbon economy, renewable energy source encouragement, and sustainable management. Close attention should be paid to clean energy and environmental sustainability by investing in research and development (R&D) to create a long-term sustainable energy strategy that is environmentally benign.

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