Role of mineral trioxide aggregate in dentistry: A bibliometric analysis using Scopus database

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Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Functional Materials


Objectives: Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has a long history of providing predictable clinical outcomes in dental applications especially in endodontic procedures. This bibliometric analysis aimed at evaluating the advancements of research in mineral trioxide aggregate and its use in the field of dentistry, together with the detection of most significant authors, organizations, countries, journals, papers, and the exploration of commonly used keywords using a structured approach. Materials and method: The search was conducted using the Elsevier’s Scopus database, gathering publication information related to MTA published from 1993 and 2021 July. Metadata comprising of titles, abstracts, keywords, authors, organizations, and countries were obtained. Bibliometric evaluators with respect to authors, articles published, journals, keywords, and top countries were scrutinized. Data was analyzed using VOS viewer. Results: Between 1993 and 2021, an uptrend in the research performed on MTA was identified. Researchers from United States, Brazil, and Iran actively contributed on MTA, while papers from USA were highly cited. The Journal of Endodontics along with International Endodontic Journal were the top contributing academic journals. Hacettepe University, Turkey and Cardiff University from United Kingdom were the top most contributing organizations. Mahmoud Torabinejad was the most cited author. Most commonly used keywords included Mineral trioxide aggregate, silicate, oxide, root canal filling material. Conclusion: The global rise in the number of publications on mineral trioxide aggregate, tremendous networking and citations have been identified amongst various organizations, authors, and nations through this bibliometric analysis.

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