Direction of Arrival Estimation With Gain-Phase Uncertainties in Unknown Nonuniform Noise

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IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems


This paper considers the problem of direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation for narrowband source signals under the coexistence of gain-phase uncertainties and nonuniform noise. Firstly, by exploiting the low-rank property of the covariance of signal components, and the diagonal property of noise covariance, an optimization problem with low-rank constraints is formulated to estimate the nonuniform noise covariance matrix, which is then solved efficiently by the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM). Secondly, a linear transformation operator is employed to construct a rank reduction (RARE) estimator, and subsequently an initial DOA and gain-phase uncertainties are obtained via one-dimensional (1-D) spectral search. With initial estimates, an augmented DOA estimation is finally achieved by constructing a weighted and structured sparse total least-squares (WSS-TLS) optimization problem, which is solved using the block coordinate descent algorithm. Simulation results show the superior performance of the proposed method, and it achieves better tradeoff between computational complexity and performance, compared to existing methods.

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