Evaluating the Effectiveness of Joint Specialist Case Conferences in Improving Diabetes Control in Patients with Schizophrenia on Clozapine

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Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease


Clozapine treatment for schizophrenia is typically long-term and is associated with a high rate of diabetes. Mental health and diabetes specialist teams at a local hospital in Australia have undertaken a series of joint specialist case conferences (JSCCs) where the diabetes team works with the psychiatry team to improve diabetes management. In this retrospective cohort study conducted between 2013 and 2018, we found that glycemic control in clozapine clinics linked with JSCCs was improved significantly compared with that in the non-JSCC clinics. In the non-JSCC clozapine clinics (control), the poor glycemic control rates stayed at a similar level: 23% in 2013 and 24% in 2018. In contrast, whereas the control patients' poor glycemic rate in JSCC clozapine clinics in 2013 was 24%, it decreased markedly in 2018 to 13%. This study indicates that JSCCs can improve diabetes outcomes in a group of patients with severe mental illness.

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