Prevalence and Predictors of Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Eye Donation among the General Population: A Systematic Review

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Purpose:The purpose of this systematic review was to investigate knowledge and attitudes toward eye donation and sources of eye donation information among the general population.Methods:A search was conducted using MEDLINE through Ovid and Scopus; CINAHL through EBSCOhost and ProQuest; and Embase through Ovid database entries from January 2010 to March 2021. Quantitative studies were selected if they included participants aged 16 years or older from the general population (nonhealthcare) and had a sample size of >200. Studies were included if they measured knowledge and attitudes toward eye donation and sources of eye donation information. Methodological quality was assessed using JBI criteria, and the data were analyzed using SUMARI software.Results:A total of 25 studies were included in this review. Pooled data from 6 studies demonstrated that 30.8% of participants [95% confidence interval (CI) = 11.0-55.4] had some knowledge of eye donation. Seventeen studies reported that 40.6% (95% CI = 39.8-41.3) were willing to donate their eyes, and 5 of these studies found that 7.3% (95% CI = 6.5-8.3) had already pledged their eyes. Eleven studies reported on the source of eye donation information, indicating 50.9% of participants (95% CI = 49.8-52.1) received information from mass media.Conclusions:The results of this review indicate that understanding eye donation knowledge and attitudes is crucial for developing interventions or tools to increase eye donation rates. Further studies in different populations are required.

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