A New Common Grounded Quasi Z-Source DC-DC converter with Voltage Boosting Feature Applied for T-Type Inverter

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2022 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Emerging Technologies, GlobConET 2022


This study presents a high step-up Quasi Z-source converter based on T-Type inverter. The proposed converter employs voltage multiplier cell and coupled inductors techniques with one magnetic core to create high voltage levels for inverter. The essential advantage of this converter is that the ground of input voltage source and grid is the same which eliminates the leakage current in Photovoltaic application. Also, the input current of this converter is continuous and the voltage stresses on main power switch and most of diodes are low. The mathematical analysis, operating principle, design consideration and comparison study for proposed converter are investigated and 730W PSCADE EMDCT software simulation results validate the accuracy of proposed converter.

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