A Robust Control Scheme to Improve the Network Stability of WECS-based Microgrids

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2022 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Emerging Technologies, GlobConET 2022


This paper proposes a control scheme based on event triggered sliding mode control (ETSMC) to improve the network stability of WECS-based microgrids during bus voltage excursions. The ETSMC scheme is designed to effectively regulate the bus voltage near its rated value with the reactive current support from a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) such that the overall network stability of the microgrid remains unhampered. Reliance on an event triggered approach enables the control input to be updated only when certain pre-established conditions (triggering instants) are violated. Thus, the communication channel is only utilized during these instances and remains free otherwise. Thus, resulting in reduced communication channel bandwidth and computational power as well as significant reduction in the chattering phenomena that is typically associated with SMC. The proposed approach was validated using a WECS-based test microgrid subject to network instabilities and mismatched uncertainties. The obtained results confirmed an effective regulation of the bus voltage and improved network stability as well as limited communication between the controller and the STATCOM actuator unit.

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