A Novel Strategy for Fast Fluctuations Compensation of PV Powered Grid-Interactive Microgrid

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2022 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Emerging Technologies, GlobConET 2022


The variations in solar irradiance due to the weather changes can cause fluctuations in the outputs of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Such variations can be classified as fast or slow (steady state) fluctuations. The fast fluctuations of the output of solar PV systems can cause voltage and frequency fluctuations in the PV-powered grid-interactive microgrid and can negatively impact the overall system stability. Therefore, many countries incorporated grid codes to limit the rate of fast fluctuations of the injected PV power. A battery storage system with a moving average scheme is usually used to compensate for the fast rate of fluctuations. However, the traditional moving average scheme suffers from a memory effect that depends on previous values of PV output, causing the need for increased storage size. This paper presents the development of a novel direct compensation strategy using energy storage to mitigate the fast rate of solar PV power fluctuations for applications in a PV-powered grid-interactive microgrid with a supercapacitor at the DC-link. The proposed strategy for compensation and the associated fast fluctuations calculation is modeled and validated in MATLAB/Simulink. The results show that the proposed strategy can provide a better response compared to that using the moving average method.

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