Study on Complex Theory Solution and Numerical Simulation of Fracture Mechanics of Surrounding Rock Stress and Energy Field in Fault Type Rock Burst Stope

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Advances in Materials Science and Engineering


Rock burst is one of the most sophisticated and threatening problems in the process of mining activities of underground coal mines, which can evolve into phenomena such as gas outburst, violent ground pressure behavior of surrounding rock of stope roadway, and high dynamic load energy event of roof overburden fracture through the interaction between various influencing factors. This paper deeply studies the causes, consequences, and disaster mechanism of "2-2 rock burst accident"in Xinjulong coal mine, gives the network diagram of the relationship between the main influencing factors of fault type rock burst and high-energy events, establishes a mechanical model on this basis, and explores the influence and evolution law of fault influencing factors on the elastic strain energy field of surrounding rock of stope roadway.

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