Blockchain Assisted Multi-Copy Provable Data Possession With Faults Localization in Multi-Cloud Storage

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IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security


Cloud storage service provides a convenient way for users to store massive data. To guarantee the integrity of the outsourced data, provable data possession (PDP) schemes for multi-copy data and multi-cloud have been proposed respectively. To avoid a single point of failure and to increase the security of the outsourced data, many users store multiple copies on multiple cloud servers. However, few protocols support multi-copy data and multi-cloud at the same time. Considering that three entities (third-party auditor, cloud organizer and cloud storage servers) participate in the auditing process, it is difficult for users to locate the position of the faults, including entity position, file position and data block corruption position, when the auditor reports data corruption. In this paper we propose a certificateless multi-copy public auditing protocol in multi-cloud storage, which supports to locate the faults entities and corrupted data blocks. Specifically, instead of relying on a trusted centralized judgement entity to deal with the faults detection, smart contracts combined with the binary search technique are utilized to help achieve the reliability of faults localization result and the accuracy of the judgement. Additionally, the proposed protocol supports data dynamics update, including data modification, insertion and deletion. Theoretical analysis and experiment results show that our protocol is efficient and practical.

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