Stability Analysis for $ H_{\infty}$ -Controlled Active Quarter-Vehicle Suspension Systems With a Resilient Event-Triggered Scheme Under Periodic DoS Attacks

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IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics


The stability analysis is studied for $ H_{\infty} $ controlled networked active quarter-vehicle suspension systems with a resilient event-triggered scheme (RETS) under periodic denial-of-service (DoS) jamming attacks in this article. For the networked suspension system, the system-state signals are measured by sensors and transmitted to the cloud controller through a wireless network and then the control signal is transferred to the actuator to control it. An event-triggered scheme (ETS) is designed to reduce the workload of data transmission, which is effective to select some most useful information to transmit and discard some redundant data. DoS attacks can block the data transmission when it is active, so a resilient event-triggered $ H_{\infty} $ control method is built based on the Lyapunov stability theory. The exponential stability of the controlled suspension system, as well as the $ H_{\infty} $ performance, is analyzed in this article. Some simulation results show that the proposed control method is effective to improve driving comfort and driving safety and reduce the workload of data transmission under periodic DoS attacks.

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