Hormone-induced ovulation and artificial fertilisation in four terrestrial-breeding anurans

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Reproduction, Fertility and Development


The development and application of reproductive technologies has great potential to enhance the conservation management of threatened amphibians globally. The present study quantified the efficacy of protocols previously developed for Pseudophryne guentheri for hormonally inducing egg release and artificial fertilisation in three additional terrestrial-breeding species of Australian ground frog; namely Pseudophryne bibronii, Pseudophryne coriacea and Heleioporus eyrei. Females of each species were administered a priming dose of 0.4 µg g-1 of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue (GnRHa), followed by an ovulatory dose of 2 µg g-1 GnRHa. Egg release was achieved in all species (response 94.7-100%), but early embryo survival differed significantly, ranging from 23.8% to 89.3%. Overall, the protocols were considered effective in P. guentheri, P. bibronii and P. coriacea, but further protocol refinement is required for H. eyrei.

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