Empirical Investigation on Conflicts between Bus Passengers and Cyclists at Different Types of Bus Stops

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IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Proceedings, ITSC


Traffic conflicts between bus passengers and cyclists surrounding bus stops are frequently observed, which may reduce their travel comfort and cause potential safety issues. However, such conflicts and safety risk at different types of bus stops have rarely been investigated. To fill the research gap, this study aims to investigate the conflicting behaviours between bus passengers and cyclists and evaluate the safety levels of two types of bus stops. Field observations and data collection are conducted at seven typical bus stops in Nanjing CBD area, China. In total, observation data of 1,393 passengers and 1,977 cyclists is collected and analysed. The severity degree of conflict is evaluated by DOCTOR method. Multiple influential factors, including layout of bus stop, characteristics of road user, and motion features of road user are analysed to evaluate their impacts to safety risk at different types of bus stops. The analysis results and findings provide valuable suggestions for bus stop layout design, transport infrastructure improvement and safety regulation development to protect both passengers and cyclists.

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