Self- practice/ self- reflection (SP/ SR) training for compassion- focused therapists

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Compassion Focused Therapy Clinical Practice and Applications


The self-practice/self-reflection (SP/SR) model is an evidence-based training method that invites therapists to practise the core skills they are teaching others and to reflect on their experiences in a systematic way. This chapter includes a discussion of therapist personal practice and the implications and benefits of applying the SP/SR model to compassion focused therapy (CFT). The underpinning theoretical model of SP/SR will be introduced, highlighting the importance of personal practice and reflective learning processes within CFT training and practice. Various modes of SP/SR delivery are explored including online SP/SR programmes and in-person workshops. Practical examples of CFT SP/SR, such as the creation of an internal compassionate supervisor, are provided to highlight the unique potential of SP/SR to embody and embed CFT skills.

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