Global architecture for the nutrition training of health professionals: A scoping review and blueprint for next steps

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BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health


Background: This paper provides an overview of capacity-building efforts in the context of nutrition education for medical and healthcare professionals. Methods: Content analysis of eighteen reports related to nutrition education and capacity building, and interviews with key personnel from the WHO and NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health were synthesised. Recommendations to improve nutrition education and subsequent nutrition capacity of healthcare professionals were identified based on policy guidance and interviews. Findings: Most included documents noted the importance of nutrition education and capacity building for medical and healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals and the 'health sector' were positioned as central to achieving improved public health, and the promotion of nutrition knowledge and awareness in the general population. Conclusion: Increased focus on nutrition education and capacity of the health workforce are key to improvements in population health and well-being. The WHO is well placed to support global nutrition education. Recommendations: Key recommendations from the literature review and interviews include improved global data collection mechanisms, a pledge from governments to prioritise nutrition education and capacity building, along with implementation of standardised nutrition curricula for all healthcare sectors. This would include the development and expansion of on-line resources.

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