Modelling and Experimental Assessment of High-Frequency Oscillation in DC Microgrid

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2022 IEEE Global Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies, GlobConPT 2022


A comprehensive analytical simulation and experimental assessment of the DC microgrid (DCMG) under various disturbances are presented in this paper. The investigation shows that the disturbances can cause a significant impact, i.e., voltage deterioration and power oscillation at the common DC bus. The DC-link capacitance is identified as a critical parameter for power oscillation regulation on the DC bus. Furthermore, the experimental study reveals the adverse effect of the electromagnetic interference filter on the DC grid, which is usually employed to limit the oscillation in the DC grid. Furthermore, it should be worth noting that a single variable controller is not sufficient to handle significant or moderate disturbances. This paper's findings could be considered a guideline for a DC microgrid design.

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