Model Predictive Control for Magnetic Linked Multiport Converter

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2022 IEEE Global Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies, GlobConPT 2022


The magnetic linked multiport converter (MLMC) has high degree of control flexibility and can be operated as an effective interface for renewable energy integration to the traditional power grid and electric vehicle charging. Unlike the traditional magnetic linked dual port converters, the MLMC provides multiple ports, which share a common magnetic link. The MLMC has soft-switching ability, ensures galvanic isolation, and facilitates high-density power transmission. For the robust and effective operation of the MLMC, the voltages at the multiple ports should be perfectly balanced under rapid load change conditions so that the ports can be accessed in a plug-n-play manner. The traditional linear controller suffers from high voltage overshoot and undershoot under abrupt load change and the controller can be saturated which in turn makes the system unbalance. In this paper, a model predictive control technique is developed and proposed first time for the MLMC to ensure robust voltage control. The performance of the controller is tested under different load change conditions at different ports of the MLMC. The results show that the controller effectively balances the voltages under varying loads connected to the MLMC at random time interval. Moreover, with the predictive controller, the voltages achieves very fast dynamic response and do not show any significant voltage overshoot and undershoot, which indicates the superiority of the controller.

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