Electromagnetic Characterization of Multi-winding High Frequency Magnetic Link Under Non-sinusoidal Excitations

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2022 IEEE Global Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies, GlobConPT 2022


Soft ferrite magnetic materials are widely used for the design of high frequency magnetic links (HFMLs) for emerging power converter applications. In these power converter modules, the HFMLs are excited by the high frequency inverter outputs. These output signals are typically non-sinusoidal such as square, trapezoidal, and triangular. In this paper, a multi-winding HFML (MWHFML) is mathematically modeled and designed in ANSYS/Maxwell environment. The operating frequency is considered as 100kHz. The MWHFML has multiple inputs and single output terminal connected with load. After simulation, the electromagnetic characterization is performed such as analyzing the load currents, transient magnetic flux density, magnetic flux intensity as well as load profile. The load inductance effects on the magnetic flux density are presented. Ii is recommended that, the characterization would perform imperative part for the advance of competent power converter technologies.

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