Finite State Model Predictive Thrust Control Based on Reduced Number of Predicted Voltage Vectors for Linear Induction Motor

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2022 IEEE Global Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies, GlobConPT 2022


The computational burden represents a challenge nowadays, especially with the advancement of new control techniques, such as model predictive control. Therefore, this paper presents an improved finite-state model predictive thrust control (FS-MPTC) for linear induction motor (LIM). The proposed FS-MPTC uses in the prediction stage half of the available voltage vectors (VVs), The proposed method combines the conventional direct thrust control (DTC) and the FS-MPTC. Eliminating half of the voltage vectors during the prediction stage leads to a significant reduction in computational burden and hence gives the chance to use another technique to improve the overall drive performance. The behavior of the proposed FS-MPTC is examined through simulation results using the parameter of the actual 3kW arc machine. Comprehensive simulation and experimental results have proved that the proposed FS-MPTC can get same the response with shorter computation time compared to the conventional method.

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