The NSW Emergency Psychiatry Network

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Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry


Emergency Psychiatry is evolving. In an environment that lacks a clear evidence base, and where a constellation of factors is driving up Emergency Department presentation rates and lengths of stay, several stakeholders are working towards and clamouring for change. With the goal of collaborating with such parties, we believe Emergency Psychiatrists should position themselves to establish and advocate for best-practice change in culture, research, clinical care and training, and funding in the provision of mental health crisis care. To this end, we have formed the NSW Emergency Psychiatry Network, a group of Emergency Psychiatrists with a broad experience in a range of settings, from tertiary metropolitan emergency facilities with access to subspecialty psychiatric services, to rural and remote emergency settings with sporadic in-reach from local mental health services and telehealth. We unanimously recognise the need to upskill both Emergency Department and Mental Health clinicians in crisis care, and the need for committed, evidence-based Mental Health resourcing within Emergency Departments.

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