A Personality-Grounded Framework for Designing Artificial Intelligence-Based Product Appearance

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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction


AI-based technology in our everyday lives is an emerging issue in business research with a lot of potential for businesses and users. However, there is a lack of frameworks that enable UX designers and product developers to create AI-based products with elements of appearance that induce desired emotions and institute effective human-machine communication. Drawing on the AI archetype concept, this research advances a four-stage personality-grounded framework for forming the specific AI-based product appearance with six dimensions that evoke specific emotions incorporating the stakeholders’ input. The framework application is illustrated using a single classical case study of the rescue and accident robot. The profile of an AI-based rescue robot that elicits trust and is recognized by human unconsciousness is generated through in-depth interviews with United Arab Emirates citizens. The application of the proposed personality-grounded framework can be extended not only to robots helping in different contexts in airports, police stations, and response centers but to broader categories of AI-based products.

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