Ultra Wideband Dual Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for 5G and CubeSat Applications

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Proceedings - 2022 9th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications, WINCOM 2022


In this paper, we propose a compact single-fed corner arc-truncated square patch antenna with T -diagonal slot and periodically defected ground (PDGS) plane for X band and mm-wave CubeSat applications. A square patch antenna printed on a grounded FR4 slab is used as the building block. Furthermore, its performance is enhanced in terms of impedance bandwidth by adding periodically circular slots in the ground plane to obtain ultra-wideband characteristics. Dual circular polarization, at two resonant frequencies of 10 and 25.6 GHz is achieved by loading the patch with a T-diagonal slot and truncating the corners in an arc shape. Its main features are dual resonance at 10 GHz and at 25.6 GHz, dual circular polarization, ultra-wide band characteristics as well as its compact size of 0.5λ0× 0.5λ0× 0.058λ0 at a resonant frequency of 10 GHz.

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