A Review on the Status and Challenges of Cathodes in Room-Temperature Na-S Batteries

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Advanced Functional Materials


The cathode materials for sodium-sulfur batteries have attracted great attention since cathode is one of the important components of the sodium-sulfur battery, and there are cathode materials that have high capacity, non-toxicity, and cost-efficiency. Nevertheless, due to their low Coulombic efficiency and proneness to cycling decay, the practical application of the sodium–sulfur battery has always been suppressed. In terms of the responsibility of these problems, the polysulfide shuttle and the sluggish kinetics are the main culprits. To address these issues, impeding the notorious reaction between polysulfide intermediates on the cathode and improve the kinetics reaction on the anode are extremely important. Herein, a comprehensive review is prepared of different approaches to increasing the electrochemical performance and strengthening the stability of cathodes. The influences of various choices and the consequent properties of the cathode in relation to the whole sodium–sulfur battery performance is investigated. Finally, the current research challenges related to cathodes for sodium–sulfur batteries and future perspectives are also discussed.

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