Spatial Goal Refinement Patterns for IoT Applications

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Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing


The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining more and more strength. Over the years, IoT has offered different solutions in many areas and contexts. The diversity of these challenges makes it hard to grasp the different solutions' underlying principles and design an appropriate custom implementation for the IoT space. This paper aims to study numerous production-ready IoT offerings, extract recurring proven solution principles, and classify them into spatial patterns. The method of refinement of the goals is employed so that complex challenges can be solved by breaking them down into achievable and straightforward sub-goals. The present work deals with the major sub-goals, e.g. efficient coverage of the field, connectivity of the IoT devices, spatio-Temporal aggregation of the data, and estimation of spatially connected regions of event detection. We have proposed methods to achieve each sub-goal for all different types of spatial patterns. The spatial patterns developed can be used in ongoing and future research on the IoT to understand the principles of the IoT, which will, in turn, promote the better development of existing and new IoT devices.

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