VRBC: A Verifiable Redactable Blockchain with Efficient Query and Integrity Auditing

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IEEE Transactions on Computers


Driven by various legal obligations and service requirements, the redactable blockchain was introduced to balance the modifiability and immutability of blockchain technology. However, such a blockchain inevitably generates one or even more acceptable versions for the same block data, enabling malicious full nodes to deceive light/new nodes with old data, and even disrupt the consistency of the blockchain ledger. In this paper, we introduce the concept of verifiable redactable blockchain (VRBC) to provide efficient validity verification for on-chain data. To this end, we design a novel authentication data structure, called blockchain authentication tree (BAT), which employs a chameleon hash function and aggregatable vector commitment to bind continuously-appended blocks. Based on this, we propose an efficient VRBC scheme supporting integrity auditing, which not only allows the light nodes to query and validate on-chain data, but also enables new nodes to check the integrity of the blockchain ledger before synchronizing it, effectively avoiding resource waste and security risks caused by invalid queries and ledger synchronization. Furthermore, we introduce some optimized strategies to improve the performance of our scheme and extend it to transaction-level and permissionless VRBC. Finally, we demonstrate the practicability of our scheme through detailed security analysis and visual performance evaluation.

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