Single Layer Unit Cell with reduced phase sensitivity for X-band Reflectarray Applications

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2022 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, ISAP 2022


In this paper a single layer multi-resonant unit cell with a reduced phase sensitivity for X-band wideband reflectarrays is presented. The unit cell employs a Jerusalem cross and four pairs of concentric square loops and is arranged in a rectangular grid. The proposed unit cell achieves a reflection phase response of 426° and a reduced reflected phase sensitivity. This results in low quantization phase errors of ±6.17° and element bandwidth of 13% at 12GHz by considering a 45° margin error. Finally, the proposed unit cell presents linear and parallel phase curves ranging from 10 to 14GHz, showcasing its potential for wideband reflectarrays applications operating in X-band.

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