Nutritional screening and intervention of older adults living in the community referred by the My Aged Care online portal

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Australasian Journal on Ageing


Objective: To assess whether nutritional screening and intervention improve the nutritional status of older adults living in the community. Methods: The Kiama MOW service performed nutrition screening, after being trained by the research team and maintained the dataset. De-identified data was provided to the research team for analysis. MOW staff also kept detailed notes during the nutrition screening process and in discussions with clients. These notes were provided to the research team along with the de-identified quantitative data, a summary of the measures taken following screening, interventions that were recommended to clients by MOW staff. Staff were not formally interviewed about their experiences in conducting nutrition screening but their open-ended text comments were retrospectively summarised, as well as anecdotal comments made to the researcher (AH) that was involved in training and supporting the MOW team during the intervention period. Results: Forty-two individuals (25 women, mean age = 79.8 ± 8.9 years) were referred (21 well-nourished, 17 at risk of malnutrition and 4 malnourished). After reassessment (n = 21), nutritional status had significantly improved (P =.008 for all referrals and P <.001 for those at risk of malnutrition or malnourished). The main interventions provided were as follows: nutrition education (100%), home-delivered meals (78%) and social outings including meals (17%). Conclusions: The My Aged Care portal may be a feasible source of referral of this population to perform routine nutrition screening for appropriate intervention.

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