Dual Band All-Metal T-Shaped Patch Antenna for X/Ku-band CubeSat Applications

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2022 5th International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and their Applications, ICCSPA 2022


In this paper a dual band T -shaped patch antenna for X/Ku-band CubeSat applications is proposed. The proposed antenna is all metal and hence it provides a good radiation performance. The simulation results show that the antenna achieves wide impedance bandwidths of 1900 MHz (9.5-11.4 GHz) with a reflection coefficient of -22.5 dB and 2300 MHz (12.6-14.9 GHz) with a reflection coefficient of -26.5 at 10.5 and 14 GHz respectively. Accordingly, the antenna achieves a gain of 7 dBi at 10.5 GHz and 5.7 dBi at 14 GHz.

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