Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Work Roll Bending on Strip Crown During Tandem Hot Rolling

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International Journal of Applied Mechanics


Extensive studies have been conducted on the effect of roll bending on strip shape in tandem hot rolling (THR). However, most of them are limited to a single stand. In this study, a three-dimensional (3D) multi-pass elastic-plastic thermal-mechanical finite element (EPTMFE) model for the THR was developed using data transfer technologies and validated by industrial trials. The effects of work roll bending (WRB) on the strip crown, deflection and flattening deformation of work roll (WR) were quantitatively studied employing the developed finite element (FE) model. The results show that with an increase in WRB, the crown of relative deflection difference (RDD) decreases quickly, while the crown of relative flattening deformation difference (RFD) increases slowly; consequently, the strip crown shows a decreasing trend. This suggests that the deflection and flattening deformation of WR influence the strip crown simultaneously, but the former plays a decisive role. In addition, the influence efficiency of WRB on the crown of RFD increases from 0.0077μm/kN at F1 to 0.345 μm/kN at F7, which is dependent on the deformation resistance of the strip. These findings can contribute to a deeper understanding of the influence mechanism of WRB on the strip crown in the THR.

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