Grain size dependence of modified material constitutive model for OFHC copper

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Journal of Materials Research and Technology


Grain refinement occurs during manufacturing process, and grain size has a significant impact on mechanical properties. It is essential to establish the relationship between grain evolution and plastic behavior. The quasi-static and dynamic compression experiments for three kinds of oxygen-free high-conductivity (OFHC) copper with different grain sizes have been carried out. The true stress-strain curves were corrected to the isothermal curves, in which the temperature dependence of the specific heat capacity was used. It was found that the grain size has a significant influence on the yield stress, strain rate sensitivity, and thermal softening. A new phenomenon-based constitutive model considering the grain size and the coupling between strain hardening and strain rate was developed, and the results of the quasi-static and dynamic compression experiments were used to fit the parameters. The experimental data and the predicted results of the newly developed constitutive model agree well, which proves the constitutive model has a high prediction accuracy. The fitted constitutive model depicted that the strain rate sensitivity increases and thermal softening degree declines as the rise of the grain size of OFHC copper. The developed constitutive model could be used to the numerical simulation for the manufacturing process of OFHC copper considering the grain refinement.

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