Symptom Control Research

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Journal of Palliative Medicine


The need for symptom control research has never been greater. Yet, this is an underdeveloped area in hospice and palliative care. Expert symptom control researchers point out a number of issues that show the way forward over the next 25 years. Chief among them is the need to do the research, rather than being content with the evidence we have. A barrier is to have the self-discipline to honestly evaluate the state of the palliative care science where the gold standard of randomized controlled trials has not been used to establish current practice. Commitment to organized symptom control research groups and clinical trials networks is important. Combining symptom control research with disease-directed research is a promising way forward. Investing in training junior clinicians and researchers is critical. All palliative care fellows and clinicians must receive training in the basics of research methods so that they can effectively support and advance research and evidence-based best practices.

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