The Microbeam Insert at the White Beam Beamline P61A at the Synchrotron PETRA III/DESY: A New Tool for High Dose Rate Irradiation Research

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High dose rate radiotherapies such as FLASH and microbeam radiotherapy (MRT) both have developed to the stage of first veterinary studies within the last decade. With the development of a new research tool for high dose rate radiotherapy at the end station P61A of the synchrotron beamline P61 on the DESY campus in Hamburg, we increased the research capacity in this field to speed up the translation of the radiotherapy techniques which are still experimental, from bench to bedside. At P61, dose rates of several hundred Gy/s can be delivered. Compared to dedicated biomedical beamlines, the beam width available for MRT experiments is a very restrictive factor. We developed two model systems specifically to suit these specific technical parameters and tested them in a first set of experiments.

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