3D copper-confined N-Doped graphene/carbon nanotubes network as high-performing lithium-ion battery anode

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Journal of Alloys and Compounds


A facile synthesis of three-dimensional (3D) network of copper confined nitrogen-doped graphene (NG)/carbon nanotube (CNT) with high atomic percentage of nitrogen (10.1 at.%) has been reported. The homogenous intercalation of the CNT network in-between the graphene layers decorated with copper nanoparticles take place which inhibits the self-agglomeration within the lattice and enhance the volumetric storage capability. The composite electrode demonstrates exceptionally high specific capacitance of 1250 mA h/g obtained at a current density of 0.1 A/g which is 3.4 times greater than the theoretical capacity of graphite (372 mA h/g). The discharge-charge profiles (from 0.002 to 3 V) with reversible battery capacity exhibit a stable state of the lithium-ion batteries which were observed at high rate capability of 420 mA h/g at a current density of 1 A/g even after 500 cycles. The enhancement of the electrochemical performance could be attributed to the 3D electrically conductive networks of copper confined nitrogen-doped graphene/carbon nanotubes (Cu@[N-Gr/CNT]).

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