Silver Nanoflakes-Enhanced Anisotropic Hybrid Composites for Integratable Pressure Sensors

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Flexible pressure sensors based on polymer elastomers filled with conductive fillers show great advantages in their applications in flexible electronic devices. However, integratable high-sensitivity pressure sensors remain understudied. This work improves the conductivity and sensitivity of PDMS-Fe/Ni piezoresistive composites by introducing silver flakes and magnetic-assisted alignment techniques. As secondary fillers, silver flakes with high aspect ratios enhance the conductive percolation network in composites. Meanwhile, a magnetic field aligns ferromagnetic particles to further improve the conductivity and sensitivity of composites. The resistivity of the composite decreases sharply by 1000 times within a tiny compression strain of 1%, indicating excellent sensing performance. On the basis of this, we demonstrate an integratable miniature pressure sensor with a small size (2 × 2 × 1 mm), high sensitivity (0.966 kPa−1), and wide sensing range (200 kPa). Finally, we develop a flexible E-skin system with 5 × 5 integratable sensor units to detect pressure distribution, which shows rapid real-time response, high resolution, and high sensitivity.

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