Genuine and sustained POM mastery from linear POM to POM system symphonies

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Production and Operations Management


A dramatically changing business landscape characterized by volatility and uncertainty (which in turn are driven by unpredictable alterations of conditions by such factors as geopolitical events, climate changes, disasters—natural and human causes, reduction in food, potable water, and critical materials supply along with environmental contamination), has created a situation whereby a rethink of Production and Operations Management (POM) strategies and practices is considered timely and appropriate. Against a backdrop of current POM strengths and weaknesses, and expected POM futures, a response path for POM adoption to deal with such uncertainties and risks is proposed and described in some detail. This involves the treatment of POM as a more interconnected and integrated system than has hitherto been the case. Such an interconnected approach is described as a POM symphony where all key players would be playing from the same script and the POM leader must serve as a coach-coordinator, that is, the symphony's conductor.

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