Hydrogen energy storage integrated battery and supercapacitor based hybrid power system: A statistical analysis towards future research directions

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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy


Environmentally friendly and pollution-free hydrogen cell, battery and supercapacitor hybrid power system has taken the attention of scientists in recent years. Several notable advancements in energy storage mechanisms with hybrid power systems have been made during the last decade, influencing innovation, research, and the possible direction for improving energy storage technologies. This paper represents a quantitative analysis of all knowledge carriers with mathematical and statistical methods of hydrogen energy storage to establish a hybrid power system. For selecting the top cited papers in this topic, related articles on energy storage mechanisms for hybrid power systems were searched in the Scopus database under specified predetermined parameters. The selection technique of the most cited paper was based on filtered keywords in the hybrid hydrogen energy storage-based hybrid power system and related research during 2008–2021. About 48% of all articles have been published between 2016 and 2019; 21% will have originated from China; and 29% of the papers have used batteries as a form of energy storage in the application of electric vehicles. Most of the articles contain experimental work (25.11%) followed by simulation analysis (25%) and systematic and nonsystematic review (18.75%). Related publications with the most citations were published in 35 different impactful journals from different publishers and nations. This research found that integrating hydrogen energy storage with battery and supercapacitor to establish a hybrid power system has provided valuable insights into the field's progress and development. Moreover, it is a thriving and expanding subject of study. Bibliometric analysis was used to identify the most significant research publications on the subject of hybrid energy storage, mapping the multidisciplinary character, illustrating nature and trends, and outlining areas for further research. The process of collecting, selecting, and analyzing the most cited articles is expected to contribute to a methodical foundation for future developments of hydrogen energy storage systems and provide viable research paths toward attaining a hybrid power system.

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