Recent Advances in Non‐nucleophilic Mg Electrolytes

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Frontiers in Materials


High-performance electrolyte is still a roadblock for the development of rechargeable magnesium (Mg) batteries. Grignard-type electrolytes were once the only choice in the early stage of rechargeable Mg batteries research. However, due to their nucleophilic nature and high reactivity, Grignard-type electrolytes have inherent safety issues and low oxidation stability, which restrict the development of rechargeable Mg batteries in terms of practical application. Recently, emerging novel Mg battery systems such as Mg-S, Mg-O /air batteries also require non‐nucleophilic electrolytes with high oxidation stability. This short review summarizes recent advances in non‐nucleophilic Mg electrolytes and aims to provide insights into electrochemical properties and active Mg ion structure of such electrolytes. 2

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