Robust Iris-Localization Algorithm in Non-Cooperative Environments Based on the Improved YOLO v4 Model

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Iris localization in non-cooperative environments is challenging and essential for accurate iris recognition. Motivated by the traditional iris-localization algorithm and the robustness of the YOLO model, we propose a novel iris-localization algorithm. First, we design a novel iris detector with a modified you only look once v4 (YOLO v4) model. We can approximate the position of the pupil center. Then, we use a modified integro-differential operator to precisely locate the iris inner and outer boundaries. Experiment results show that iris-detection accuracy can reach 99.83% with this modified YOLO v4 model, which is higher than that of a traditional YOLO v4 model. The accuracy in locating the inner and outer boundary of the iris without glasses can reach 97.72% at a short distance and 98.32% at a long distance. The locating accuracy with glasses can obtained at 93.91% and 84%, respectively. It is much higher than the traditional Daugman’s algorithm. Extensive experiments conducted on multiple datasets demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of our method for iris localization in non-cooperative environments.

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