Capturing the Motion of Laser Pulse in Photoresist Mixture with Compressed Ultrafast Photography

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Imaging the interaction between the laser pulse and photoresist mixture on the ultrafast time scale can track the path of the light pulse and reveal the procedure of the microstructure machining. However, most existing imaging technologies suffer from problems such as requiring multiple repeated shots or a limited time resolution. To overcome these problems, we propose to capture the motion of laser pulses in a photoresist mixture by using compressed ultrafast photography (CUP). In this method, we can recover the motion process of non-repeatable events with a single shot at the time-resolution of about (Formula presented.) fps, where the depth of the imaging sequence reaches hundreds of frames. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, we estimate the speed of the laser pulse in a photoresist mixture and evaluate the similarity between the image captured by a streak camera and our reconstructed ultrafast sequence; the results validate the reliability of our proposed method.

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