Size Dependent Buckling Analysis of a FG-CNTRC Microplate of Variable Thickness under Non-Uniform Biaxial Compression

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This paper combines third-order shear deformation theory (TSDT) and modified couple stress theory (MCST) with the principle of total potential energy to analyze the size-dependent buckling behavior of a functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) rectangular microplate of variable thickness subject to non-uniform biaxial compression when resting on an elastic medium. To determine the thickness qualities of the material, the extended rule of mixture was applied. In the context of microplate buckling in the presence of small length scale effects, the three kinds of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) distribution—(a) UD, (b) FG-O, and (c) FG-X—were used and compared. The equations governing various combinations of simply supported or clamped boundary conditions have been solved using the differential quadrature method (DQM). The correctness and precision of the solutions have been compared to another study. A numerical study was conducted to examine the dependence of buckling load on several parameters, including percentage change of thickness, length scale parameter, nonuniform edge loads, boundary conditions, volume percentage of the CNTs, CNT distribution, and elastic medium parameter. The results of their effects are presented in this paper.

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