Velomobilities: Cycling geographies and well-being

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Geography Compass


Cycling has cut across public health and policy forums in the last decade given trends in urban governance for liveability and uptake of cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic. This review discusses work that helps understand where, how, and why time spent cycling can contribute to health and well-being. The review discusses how cycling geographies offers an alternative to biomedical approaches that measure the risks versus the medical benefits of riding a bike. The paper is structured around three key themes that characterise contemporary cycling geographies (a) cycling and neoliberalism; (b) cycling citizenship; and (c) everyday cycling. The paper argues, these studies have not gone far enough in understanding the relationship between well-being and cycling. To help address this gap the review offers a ‘mobile territories of well-being’ framework. To conclude, consideration is given to the policy implications of a cycling geographies research agenda engaging with a mobile territories of well-being framework.

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