High frequency data in Land use and transport integrated model: A review of sources and application

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Asian Transport Studies


The rapid urbanisation in cities, and its associated complexities demand that sophisticated decision support tools such as the LUTI models be employed to assist the balanced and sustainable development of transport and land use. It is evident from literature studies that the majority of LUTI models need extensive data, making them expensive and time-consuming, which will be a challenge for developing countries. On the other hand, with the advent of information and communication technology, the availability of high frequency (HF) data is increasing which can be collected at disaggregated level data frequently at little or no cost. The main focus of this research is trying to bridge the gap that exists between research with this type of data and it subsequent application in real context. On the basis of this, the paper focuses on (1) summarizing existing LUTI models and their corresponding data requirements; (2) explaining the sources of HF data in LUTI modelling; and (3) discussing the applications and challenges in implementation of such data in LUTI modelling. This review identifies the recent development of technology and availability of HFD can fill the gap of data availability for LUTI which has been discussed by a great number of authors in literature. Furthermore this kind of novel source of data can increase the potential of LUTI model particularly in developing countries, where land use and transport patterns are changing rapidly and where traditional forms of data are expensive to collect.

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