Numerical Investigation into the Mechanical Behaviours and Energy Characteristics of Hard Coal Subjected to Coupled Static-Dynamic Loads

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Applied Sciences (Switzerland)


In practical engineering, coal burst is usually caused by the combination of high geo-stress and dynamic loading. To study the dynamic response of coal in geo-stress conditions, numerical models of a coupled static–dynamic split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) test system were established, based on which impact tests for coal specimens at different impact speeds and static pre-stress levels were conducted. The mechanical properties, energy characteristics and failure patterns of coal specimens under coupled static and dynamic loads were analyzed. The results show that when the pre-stress is constant, peak stress, the maximum strain energy and the maximum kinetic energy increase significantly with impact speed. Nevertheless, they are less affected by the static pre-stress, increasing linearly with a pre-stress level under lower impact speeds but becoming stable under higher impact speeds. In addition, weak dynamic loads may trigger the instability of the coal specimen in a high pre-stress condition. Overall, both the impact speed and static pre-stress have influence on the mechanical behavior and energy characteristics of coal specimens under coupled static and dynamic loads, but the influence of the impact speed outweighs that of the static pre-stress.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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